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The 2012 Edition of
the Financial Officers' Handbook is now available from Grand Aerie. Every Aerie should have at least one copy for reference.


Current price: $2.00

The 2014 Edition of
the Constitution & Statutes is now available from Grand Aerie. Every Officer should have a copy for reference.

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Note for Local Secretaries:

The next per capita payments to Grand Aerie and Provincial Aerie will be for members on your local rosters on May 31, 2013, and the payments are late if received after
June 30, 2013.

PCT is calculated each May 31 and November 30 based on current membership information of active,
re-enrolled and initiated members.
Members who have a dual status are reported in their home Aerie/Auxiliary only. The Grand Aerie does not charge Per Capita Tax on dual members. All forms received by the Grand Aerie on May 31 and November 30 are posted and PCT is calculated at the end of MMS close time of 12:00 midnight, EST.

In order to receive a credit for DROPS, they must be reported and posted by the last MMS business day for reporting.

PCT is DUE December 1st and June 1st and considered late after 30 days.
PCT payments must be current in order for Aeries and Auxiliaries to be in good standing.
Delinquent Aeries and Auxiliaries are subject to suspension for non-payment of PCT.
Grand Aerie Per Capita Tax rate is $4.00 semi-annually or $8.00 annually.
Provincial Aerie Per Capita Tax rate is $1.30 semi-annually or $2.60 annually.
Provincial PCT cheques should be made payable directly to BC Provincial Aerie, F.O.E.

Note to Secretaries RE Compliance:

Due to outside legal costs as well as the need to protect our Aeries and Auxiliaries from errors in the operation of their respective
businesses we have created the position of Compliance Officer. Their duties include but are not limited to the review, counsel, and
ongoing procedures connected to the following issues.

- Liability Insurance including the proper coverage as well as the Grand Aerie being listed as an additional insured entity, as well as the bonding of officers & employees
- Per capita Tax payments to the Grand Aerie
- Collection of past due membership fees including new and reenrolled members
- Collection of overdue Supply Charges
For information on any of these topics, please feel free to contact or call Grand Aerie at 614-883-2196 to speak to the Compliance Officer.

We're all slaves to time, having to fit many different responsibilities into our lives, and often we are left wondering where that 25th hour of the day is going to come from. I've had a few Aerie Secretaries ask me if there are any ideas that might come in handy to allow us to better take advantage of the time we have. Based on these requests, I have added two short documents below that will help you establish some sound principles and practical guidelines in regard to better time management.



Will Heigh, Secretary
BC Provincial Aerie















All resources are downloadable, and in Adobe Acrobat format (unless labeled otherwise).


Top Ten Time Management Tips
(click title to download)


Ever considered true time management when it comes to paperwork? The golden rule for paperwork management is to handle each piece of paper only once. Receive it, process it, file it--each piece is only on your desk once and then is out of your way.

Become a compulsive list-maker (if you aren't already). That way, in a single notebook, you keep all the info you need, and you only ever need to remember one thing: the notebook.

Remember that an Aerie Secretary may select an assistant who can help out with some of the more behind-the-scenes tasks. For example, rather than the responsibility for updating the Aerie Membership roster and phone lists being delegated to the Membership Security Committee, an Assistant Secretary can be very helpful in this regard. It allows a member with those skills to help with the Aerie workload and lets the Aerie Secretary train someone who might eventually wish to serve the Aerie membership as Secretary some day.

Provincial Aerie Secretary Will Heigh and Provincial Madam Secretary Joanne Krisko were installed in Hope, B.C. on the afternoon of June 7, 2014 by Acting Grand Conductors Joseph G. Millette PWPP (far left) and Charleen Proznick PMPP (far right).

[photo courtesy of Sister Robbin Sandell]

Provincial Aerie Treasurer Cory Krisko and Provincial Madam Treasurer Judy Enns were installed in Hope, B.C. on the afternoon of June 7, 2014 by Acting Grand Conductors Joseph G. Millette PWPP (far left) and Charleen Proznick PMPP (far right).

[photo courtesy of Sister Robbin Sandell]


Time Management Secrets
by Jan Yager, PhD
(click title to download)

Posters may be the hardest thing to keep a handle on. They mainly suffer for one reason: how to get members to read them. One solution is to color code them in order of importance. For instance, for an event a month away, the page could start out on the default white paper. Once an event is two weeks away, take the poster and copy it onto buff yellow paper. Events that are only a week away or less can be copied onto red or pink paper. Once this pattern is established, as Aerie Secretary you'll be keeping in mind what is happening and how soon. In addition, the members--even those in the biggest hurry--will learn to check the pink/red sheets they see for the events they need to remember the soonest. And guaranteed, if you haven't changed a poster from yellow to red, it'll be a member who will remind you. Mission accomplished!

If the Aerie has events that recur every year, make the posters up on a computer and rather than only creating them and printing them, SAVE THEM! Last year's poster is a great template for this year's, and often all you need to do is change contact names and phone numbers and the dates. Another great time saver!



Communication is the solution to countless problems within any Aerie, and most often it falls to the Aerie Secretary to make sure that posted items are kept current on the Aerie's bulletin board.

Some Aeries have eased the load of the Aerie Secretary by establishing a position called the Communications Liaison, who makes sure that the Auxiliary is informed of any decisions made by the Aerie, any new or revised dates of events on the Aerie calendar, as well as making sure that members and committee men alike are up-to-date and informed. Phone Committee work and email lists can be maintained and updated by the C.L.

A Past President often serves in this appointed position, but the Worthy President may select anyone he knows who is part diplomat, part information junkie and part detail freak. This is yet another way to get--or keep--a member involved.

...more ideas will be added as they come in...