Those who serve as officers -- or as future officers -- often suffer for lack of practical information that can help them in their duties. Many times we forget that our volunteers are going into a committee or a chair almost blind to the little details that could assist them the most. Such tidbits of experience and useful guidelines usually remain as verbal pearls of wisdom passed down from Past Presidents only when deliberately requested. To make the playing field a little more level for experienced officers and new members alike, we have continued this Resources page, and make available all the things we are asked about, year after year, so that anyone needing a bit of guidance can rely on something they can hold in their hands and to which they can refer whenever they need to.

As anyone remembers or writes up something that has helped them, please send a copy to our Webmaster and he will post it here for the use of all Brothers trying to do their best.


The new Secretary's Corner page lets our Aerie Secretaries send in tips and ideas and share useful tidbits of experience and skill for their job.

















All resources are downloadable, and in Adobe Acrobat format (unless labeled otherwise).

Provincial Aerie Packages

Additional Materials

Aerie Trustees & Business Management
(thanks to Grand Aerie for this content)

Aerie Booklet - By-Laws Committee
(thanks to the Past Presidents of Aerie 2726)

Organizing an Eagles Convention
of the BC Provincial Aerie

Convention Registration Form
(editable MS Word format)

Provincial Aerie Cursory Survey Form

Aerie Booklet - Member Development
(thanks to the Past Presidents of Aerie 2726)

New Aeries Package
(thanks to PPP Joseph Millette and
PSEC Will Heigh for composing this)

The Board of Trustees - DOs and DON'Ts
(thanks to the 2004 LMZ Conference)

Leadership Presentation
(thanks to PSPs John Noldan and Marv Little of Washington State Aerie for compiling this)

Trustees' POSTERS
(thanks to the 2004 LMZ Conference)

2017 By-Laws of the B.C. Provincial Aerie

(for dances, picnics, Aerie events, etc.)

Sample Nomination Letter for Prov. Office

Aerie Booklet - Finance Committee
(thanks to the Past Presidents of Aerie 2726)

Charity Shingle for Children's Hospital

Media Relations Package

By-Laws blank form
(PDF format)

By-Laws blank form
(editable MSWord format)

Aerie Booklet - Balloting Procedure
(thanks to the Past Presidents of Aerie 2726)

Provincial Committee Chairmen's Task List

Robert's Rules of Order Motions Chart

(thanks to PPNWRP Dave Krogh (WA State)

Lindback Distributing catalog (2017)